Madam MA Hong CDB Aviation Chairperson


Madam MA Hong is our Chairperson and Non-Executive Director on CDB Aviation’s Board of Directors. Madam is currently Chairwoman and Executive Director of CDB Leasing, the lessor’s parent company and the leasing business platform under China Development Bank (“CDB”). Madam, who joined CDB Leasing in May 2021, has served in her current chairmanship role since November 2021. She became part of CDB in March 1994, where she held various positions, including Deputy Head of CDB Planning Department, Vice President of CDB Beijing Branch as well as President of CDB Shanxi Branch and President of CDB Beijing Branch. Madam graduated from the Department of Polymers of Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, currently known as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, in July 1990, majoring in polymer chemicals, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

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