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Corporate Profile

CDB Aviation is a wholly owned Irish subsidiary of China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Limited (“CDB Leasing”), a 39-year-old Chinese leasing company that is backed mainly by the China Development Bank. CDB Aviation is rated Investment Grade by Moody’s (A2), S&P Global (A), and Fitch (A+). China Development Bank is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Council of China and is the world’s largest development finance institution. It is also the largest Chinese bank for foreign investment and financing cooperation, long-term lending and bond issuance, enjoying Chinese sovereign credit rating.

CDB Leasing is the only leasing arm of the China Development Bank and a leading company in China’s leasing industry that has been engaged in aircraft, infrastructure, ship, commercial vehicle and construction machinery leasing and enjoys a Chinese sovereign credit rating. It took an important step in July 2016 to globalize and marketize its business – listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX STOCK CODE: 1606).

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The CDB Aviation logos and guidelines within this page are provided to enable the media and our business partners to effectively and appropriately utilize the CDB Aviation brand in approved marketing or communications materials. Prior to use, CDB Aviation’s approval must be secured by contacting Corporate Communications at for authorization.

The logos must be used as provided and cannot be altered in any way. There are three versions of the logo available for use:

  • Primary logo with English and Chinese logotype
  • Secondary logo with English logotype
  • Stacked logo with English logotype

The logos do not included a ® mark. Never alter, recreate or add taglines to the logo. After importing the logo, always check to make sure its proportions are accurate and that it’s not distorted.

Minimum size

The minimum size is established to ensure the logo is reproduced correctly in smaller sizes. The logo must retain its legibility and identification. Full color logos are for situations when the brand appears on white or light surface. 

  • Primary logo (minimum height 7 mm / 20 px)
  • Secondary logo (minimum height 5 mm / 14 px)
  • Stacked logo (minimum height 50 mm / 18 px)

Use proper clear space

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be free of any graphic elements or text. To maintain the logo’s prominence in a layout, keep images, text and other elements away from the logo. Minimum clear space is already embedded in the logo files available for download below.


The main colors used in the logo are gold (AB7628) and red (1C303B) with the black logotype. 


C26 M51 Y93 K19


C16 M100 Y95 K6

One-color black
Alternative one-color logo, in black, is also available. Logo appears best on a white background, but can be placed on a light background if the logotype is clearly legible. Otherwise, use the reversed logo. Never change the tint of the black version.

Only reverse the logo out of dark brand colors when the one-color logos would not be legible.

Download logos

Logos are provided in the following formats: .EPS, .PDF, .PNG, and .JPG.

Photos: Leadership

Prior to use, CDB Aviation’s approval must be secured by contacting Corporate Communications at for authorization. The image files below are provided in a high resolution .JPG format.

Photos: Fleet

Prior to use, CDB Aviation’s approval must be secured by contacting Corporate Communications at for authorization. The image files below are provided with transparent background in a high resolution .PNG format.

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