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Last updated: April 2023


CDB Aviation Lease Finance DAC (CDBA) is committed to ensuring a workplace culture where workers are encouraged to raise any concerns they may have if they have a reasonable belief of wrongdoing.

Legislation in Ireland and other countries has been enacted to enable workers to speak up about suspected wrongdoing that comes to their attention in a work-related context without fear of reprisal from their employer or a third party.

The CDBA Whistleblowing Guideline documents the reporting channels and procedures established by CDBA for facilitating its workers in making a protected disclosure and for dealing with such disclosures. The Guideline and procedure are in place to encourage workers to come forward and raise an issue and to provide reassurance that the disclosure will be dealt with in an appropriate manner and that the worker’s statutory rights will be respected.

View CDBA Whistleblowing Guidelines

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